What You Should Know

Shared toilet facilities must be completely hygienic, should look clean and smell clean."

It may be the smallest room but it could make the biggest impression!

Reduce the risk of cross infection from the flush effect.

CAUTION - The flushing water can dislodge dangerous bacteria from surfaces and liberate them in association with water droplets which may persist in the air for up to 8 minutes after flushing.



Shows the pattern of bacteria being dispersed into the air from flushing untreated cistern water




A bacteriological survey of 130 male and female restroom locations indicated a widespread presence of contaminated bacteria throughout these areas.

Something to think about ……

We all like a washroom to look and smell clean. However, appearances can be deceptive. A pleasant odour can often be hiding the presence of bacteria that pose a threat to health.

The moist environment of a washroom is one of the most prolific breading grounds for bacteria and other organisms that lead to a range of health problems including throat and respiratory problems, stomach upsets and other diseases.

Products and services provided by Total Hygiene promote a hygienic and attractive washroom environment.