Bactisan Hand Sanitiser

A one hand operated spray dispenser for a new way of hand cleansing, without the need for water, soap and towel. Especially for the personal protection against bacteria. There are circumstances where extra hygiene is preferred.

The combination of a spray dispenser with the Bactisan Hand Sanltiser:

  • Is a fast and efficient way to clean the hands.
  • Reduces the amount of pathogenic micro-organisms.
  • Reduces the possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Helps to comply with HACCP.

Bactisan Hand Sanitising Spray has proven in laboratory test that it kills at least 99.9% of most bacteria that are present on the hands. It has a refreshing and cooling effect on the hands. It contains a fruit acid that is by nature, present in the skin and is part of the natural moisturising  factor. It realises longer moisture retention in the skin, keeping it soft. Bactisan Long Term Protection does not only have the above mentioned properties, but also gives long term protection after the product has been applied on the hands.

The use of Bactisan Long Term Protection reduces the risk of cross contamination with pathogen bacteria even hours after applying.


Kills 99.9% of most common germs and bacteria.

Fresh and soft.


Without the use of water and soap.

Dries quickly.

Easy to use.