Urinal & W.C. Sanitiser

"24 Hour Cleaning without a 24 Hour Cleaner"

Round-the-clock cross-infection requires round-the-clock cleaning. Breaking the chain of cross-infection is much easier if the primarybreeding grounds are under 24-hour attack. The Wizard Sanitising Hygiene System is a relentless offense to take germs out of the picture.

The Wizard is an automatic dispenser which will clean, sanitise, deodorise and reduce build up of organic materials which cause slow, or blocked drains in urinals and W.C.'s.

Slow or blocked drains in urinals is caused by urine scale salt buildup and also the deodorising blocks melting & sticking to the pipes down the trap. 

 A choice of 2 deodorising and cleaning solutions are available in addition to a natural enzyme product. The dispenser is totally unique, can be programmed to operate at various time intervals, works independently to flushing of both urinals and WC's. Chemicals are environmentally friendly, and leave washrooms clean and pleasantly fragranced.


Wizard Sanitiser vs. Others

  1. Guaranteed strength and effectiveness of the sanitising solution throughout the service cycle.
  2. Measured dosing – does not rely on the flush.
  3. Will not run out between services.
  4. Choice of dosage from light to heavy.
  5. Can be used effectively on multiple urinals or W.C.’s.
  6. Visual effect- Wizard products foam and shine.
  7. Tested to guarantee at least double the cleaning effectiveness.
  8. 99.99% germ kill.
  9. De-scales and prevents uric acid build up.
  10. Bulk filling of Other’s dispensers means risk of spillage, fumes and the washrooms should be closed.
  11. Refill changed in under 10 seconds.
  12. No protective clothing required.
  13. Wizard chemical is non-corrosive and requires no special handling and transport.
  14. Wizard chemical is environmentally safe